Japanese Stab Binding

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I have previously made books using the simple, traditional Japanese four-hole bind, and the new five-hole bind of which I saw examples at the Small Publisher’s Fair in London. Now I am looking at more decorative methods of Japanese stab binding. I was inspired by images I saw online when searching for new book making techniques to explore. Using books I made for the Locksbrook Christmas market, I am rebinding books with pattern stitches.

I found this website, compiling resources concerning Japanese stab binding which has been helpful in learning new techniques.

I began with the hemp-leaf stitch pattern. On my first attempt, the book with the dark magenta thread (pictured right), I got the wholes in the wrong places. I rectified this in my second attempt and then made several hemp-leaf books.

I filled the first of these with lines from my quarantine journal. I used blue thread…

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BTS – First Love (English Translation and Ramblings)

I love how she deciphers the lyrics.

muish's ramblings...

Track 06 in Wings Album.

Written by:  Miss Kay and Suga.

I hadn’t planned on translating this song when it came out since the lyrics are not that complicated, but I’ve been listening to it more and more over the years and I just love it a lot… so I felt like I needed to do it.

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