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I have previously made books using the simple, traditional Japanese four-hole bind, and the new five-hole bind of which I saw examples at the Small Publisher’s Fair in London. Now I am looking at more decorative methods of Japanese stab binding. I was inspired by images I saw online when searching for new book making techniques to explore. Using books I made for the Locksbrook Christmas market, I am rebinding books with pattern stitches.

I found this website, compiling resources concerning Japanese stab binding which has been helpful in learning new techniques.

I began with the hemp-leaf stitch pattern. On my first attempt, the book with the dark magenta thread (pictured right), I got the wholes in the wrong places. I rectified this in my second attempt and then made several hemp-leaf books.

I filled the first of these with lines from my quarantine journal. I used blue thread…

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Interesting article


I’ve translated some excerpts of this interview for Ilgan Sports between Yoon Sang, a renowned Korean composer, producer, singer-songwriter, and journalist Hwang Jeeyoung.

[DrunkenTalk②] Yoon Sang “K-Pop is about the charisma of a performer, and, [I] get a little worried when seeing BTS”

Q: What are your thoughts on K-Pop, which is currently gathering a lot of interest worldwide?
Rather than it being about the music in itself, I think it’s to do with the charisma of the person. It’s a change that is not just evident in K-Pop, but in music worldwide. Music is not the protagonist; instead, it’s about who is doing the music, and therefore how charismatic the performer is, in this era. The number of charismatic people continues to grow. The patterns of consumption in the music industry is also peculiar. If, in the past, one bought an album to listen to the songs, now one…

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March 1, 2019


March 1 is a date that I have learned to hold dear.
I did not grow up in Korea, reciting this date alongside many others for history exams. But born to Korean parents in a country across the ocean, I have learned to love a land I cannot always tread, and a people I cannot always understand.
It is with deep humility I recognise that many of you also want to love and understand a language, culture, and nation that is perhaps not so familiar to you.
Today, we celebrate a century since the 삼일 운동, or the March 1st Movement; a series of public demonstrations that began on March 1, 1919 by the Korean people as a display of resistance against Japanese rule.
Here is the Wikipedia article for it.
For further reading, try the Historical Context section of the White Paper Project I worked on last year…

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[Video/Link] BTS Bomb 2019

I love Bangtan Bombs

=Update Soon=

Link | Engsub

[190225] Bomb Broken English Time! – BTS Link | Engsub

[190215] Bomb Sunglasses Jin’s Surprise Birthday Party – BTS Link | Engsub cc | Engsub

[190211] Bomb’FAKE LOVE’ Special Stage (BTS focus) @2019 Seoul Music Awards – BTS Link | Engsub

[190211] Bomb’IDOL’ Special Stage (BTS focus) @2019 Seoul Music Awards – BTS Link | Engsub

[190208] Bomb Concentrating on drawing JK – BTS  Link | Engsub

[190206] Bomb Enjoy the BTS EXHIBITION ’24/7=Serendipity’ – BTS Link | Engsub cc | Engsub

[190204] Bomb Jimin’s Surprise Birthday Party @Amsterdam – BTS Link | Engsub

[190202] Bomb ‘FAKE LOVE’ Special Stage (BTS focus) @2019 GDA – BTS Link | Engsub

[190114] Bomb’Title Medley’ Special Stage (BTS focus) @2018 가요대전 – BTS Link | Engsub

[190107] Bomb ‘IDOL’ Special Stage (BTS focus) @2018 가요대전 – BTS Link | Engsub

[190101] Bomb Happy New Year 2019! Link | Engsub

Credits :

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